Our Team

C'ba Hair Team

Our team are our secret C'ba weapon! Here's a few of the familiar faces you'll see when you next visit C'ba.

Emma - Owner
C’ba Hair is my baby!
In 2015 after learning from some of the best in the biz, my dream came true of owning my very own rapidly growing hair salon & I’d be lying if I said it’s easy, but what’s that saying?! Nothing worth having comes easy & the very few negative things about owning a small business is far out weighed by the positives!
Ashleigh - Master Stylist
I love hairdressing because every day is completely different and I am constantly learning. I love the fact I get to meet amazing clients and create beautiful hair to compliment their personality. It is a really fun job!

Kaycee - Emerging Stylist
I love helping people learn to love themselves, whether it’s with a fresh hair colour or by embracing their natural texture. I want to make everyone feel THEIR version of beautiful.
I also love the science side of things, discovering new technologies, the why and how things work in our hair.
Jaymee - Emerging Stylist
I love hairdressing because every day is exciting and there is always something new and challenging. I get to be creative in so many different ways from doing crazy bright colours to enhancing a clients natural beauty. I don’t think I would want to do anything else!!

Nicci - Senior Stylist
The most rewarding part of my job is making my clients look and feel their best – not only by doing their hair but having a fun and personal visit with them in the salon.
I love making my clients feel the best about themselves and I love that I can express my creativity every day through hair, especially short hairstyles!!

Chloe - Senior Stylist
I love enhancing my clients natural beauty and making them feel fantastic and confident! I love being creative day in day out and thoroughly enjoy building solid relationships with my clients.


Vicki - Senior Stylist
One aspect of hairdressing I love is making people feel beautiful and good about themselves 💕 I also love the fact hairdressing is never boring or repetitive as no two cuts or colours are the same. I enjoy a good chat and love growing and forming relationships with clients and seeing them grow and change over the years! ❤️

Savanna - Master Stylist
A couple of reasons why I love hairdressing is that I get to make my clients feel amazing with fresh hair, the amazing salon atmosphere (could not do an office job) and how fun, creative and challenging hairdressing is 😊❤️


Hannah- Senior Stylist Courtney - Emerging Stylist
Tanya - Receptionist Beth - Receptionist